a work in progress

The colors aren’t quite right, and I want to add a lot more detail, but here’s what I’ve been working on for Calobee Doodles.  My initial thought was to have this be an animated Web layout… when a user rolls over one of the houses (presumably they’d each be a link), something happens.  Maybe a kitty pokes his head around the corner, the chimney smoke moves, or a curtain is pushed to the side to reveal a little boy staring out.

But then I’m not sure I want to get so involved… I have a tendency to lose interest when a project takes too long to complete. I may scrap this as a Web layout altogether and just make it into a print for the shop. Or maybe I’ll do both! Either way, it’s fun thinking up all the little bits and pieces that bring the doodle together (I’m particularly enamored with the mini clothesline for some reason) and watching each house grow into its unique personality.

Houses - work in progress

(Click for a larger version!)


  1. these are just darling! i agree the clothesline is too cute! your site is beautiful! thank you for visiting my blog, have a super day. susan

  2. I too love the houses and can’t wait for the animation…and maybe a tree or two in the background that little squirrels run up and down and a fire hydrant with a doggy doing the doggy thing. Stop me if I am getting carried away 🙂

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