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exploring It’s hard to believe it’s been four months since I last updated this blog. How ironic that my last entry ended with, “Yes, I’m attempting to maintain multiple blogs at once. We all know how this will end, but humor me, won’t you?” I think that promise was broken before it even had a chance to get off the ground, hah!

My summer was long, grueling and complicated, but the start of autumn provides a much-needed respite. My day job is finally slowing its frenetic pace, and I can (hopefully? maybe?) get back to having a life outside work. What a thought!

My shops have definitely felt the strain of the summer, but they’re slowly making a come-back.  Custom orders and prints are going out again (if not a bit slower than usual) and I’m very grateful to my customers for being so patient with me!

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with the little (or not so little, anymore) bugger you see up there. Elspeth is a crazy-busy nine-month-old on a mission: She spends most of her time gleefully trying to kill herself. For all the baby-proofing we’ve done, this kid could find a way to get into mischief in a room filled with nothing but pillows and air. She’s on the go, ready for action, and she’s not even walking yet.

In short: We’re in deep doo-doo.

cheerios! And yet, that clever, mischievous smile helped me maintain my sanity in a time when I otherwise would have drawn into myself, letting the long days wear me down. It’s much harder to mope and fret when there’s someone depending on you for food, shelter, love, and the occasional frantic grasp of the ankle to prevent baby from diving off the end of the bed. You know, all the basic parental necessities.

I’m looking forward to picking up the blogging reigns again. I’m eagerly anticipating autumn and all it brings–the cool fall air, apple crisp, stews and soups, scarves, and ultimately settling in for the long winter ahead. Normally I dread the dark, cold months, but I’m feeling surprisingly peaceful about this transition for once. Perhaps it’s because I know I’ll soon be chasing a toddler around–there won’t be any time for seasonal blahs when Ellie’s climbing the baby gates and chasing after the cats!


  1. Glad you’re back! I missed you!
    Ellie has grown so much! She is so yummy! I have a daredevil like that at home as well… she’s already 18 months old…

  2. It’s lucky Ellie can’t chat with my 16-month-old! He is full-time on the cheerfully trying to kill himself mission, and would have some crazy tips for her. It just… it wears you out trying to save them from themselves, right!

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