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wonder Things are busy-busy in the Moore household! You’d think I had enough to do with work and a new family member, but why stop there? Let’s add home renovations to the mix!

Last year around this time, Tim and I planned to put hardwood floors down in the condo we bought not two years ago. Fast-forward to today and we still don’t have hardwood floors… the unexpected arrival of a certain someone delayed our planning and temporarily cramped our budget. But last Friday we finally paid for all the flooring materials and hopefully everything will be installed in the next week or two. Yay!

We decided to put hardwood throughout the kitchen and living room, and new carpet to replace the icky 20-year-old beige stuff on the second floor. I am so excited to see what our humble abode looks like with flooring that doesn’t look like the tail-end of a wet dog.

To celebrate, Danielle and I spent the weekend painting Ellie’s nursery a soothing shade of lavender, with the idea that we could be as messy as we liked… the carpet would be pulled up soon, anyhow, drop cloths be damned! This is the first room we’ve painted since we moved in, and this weekend I remembered why: I hate painting. I don’t have enough patience for projects that take more than an hour or two, and a fresh coat of paint (or two coats of primer and two coats of color, plus trim details and taping and cleaning brushes and… you see where I’m going with this) is the kind of thing that requires attention to detail. It never looks good until its finished, and waiting for paint to dry in between coats is so boring. I am a product of the instant gratification generation… I kept thinking, “it would take me all of two minutes to do this in Photoshop. Where’s the damn Paint Bucket Tool?”

But I have to admit, the results are worth it.  I love the new, softer colors, and the room is brighter and more open already… I think it will look amazing with the new carpet. I’ll post pictures from start to finish once the new floors are down and everything is in place.

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