beware the belleh

belly - 23 weeksHello folks!

We’ve been up to our ears in all things baby.  Between sorting through piles of clothes and other assorted goodies (thanks, Sarah!), meetings with a new midwife and childbirth classes, I’m feeling positively maternal. If that wasn’t enough, Murloc Baby has taken up a correspondence course in kickboxing. I’m not sure where she’s learning her new moves, but they’re effective… although it’s a bit unnerving to look down at my lap and see my stomach moving by itself.

Which leads me to… my first belly shot! Yay! I know, I know, I’m light years behind the times and over halfway through this pregnancy, but let’s face it–I had a pretty significant belly to begin with, and until recently it pretty much obscured the more subtle changes. The last couple weeks made for a belly growth spurt, though. My belly button is begging for its life, and I see maternity jeans in my near future. Which reminds me, if you’re a plus-size mom and you have recommendations, please send them my way. I’m clueless when it comes to clothing, and so far the thrift shops and mainstream clothing stores in the area have turned up nothing short of a mumu and an old potato sack.

new glassesOh, and bonus pic: I now have glasses. This probably doesn’t mean much to you, dear Internets, but if you could have seen me in the first five minutes after leaving the optometrist’s with my new prescription, you’d understand the impact. It went something like this:


Tim: “What?!? What!?!”

Me:”That sign! See that sign!?!? I CAN READ IT! It says ‘Welcome back students!’ WOW!”

Tim: “… Uhh… yes, glasses are great like that.”

Me: “OH! And look over there! See that one?!? It says ‘Bennoch Road!’ And there! That guy’s license plate! It says…”

Tim: “… so, uhh, how long are you going to do this?”

Me: “Man! The world… it has edges.”


  1. Aw, yay belly!

    Cross your fingers for us being right behind you with the baby-ness, k?

    And i was so the same way when i got my first pair of glasses. You don’t realize what you’re missing!

  2. What a cute shot of the belly..You look really nice in your glasses too..Isn’t it fun to be able to read again?
    My t.v. was all blurry and the person I thought was a guy, was a girl..amazing what glasses will do..

  3. Hello soon-to-be-mommy, and why, hello baby belly!
    We need to get together sometime so we can talk baby before baby comes. Haven’t seen you guys in a while, hope all is going well. Summer is definitely gone now and the thought of cold weather is starting to really set in. Miss you guys. Enjoy the belly, and the controlled environment that it provides for your kickboxer baby, you’ll miss it!

  4. OH MY GOSH! A BABY! HOW EXCITING. Obviously, I have been a bad typewriter-head girl, and have not been keeping up with this exciting news. Congrats!

    I’m still sluttin’ out Her Story all over the interwebs. Hope you still don’t mind. Also, the actual print is the ONLY piece of artwork on my wall at the moment. I still get giddy everytime I see it!

    If you’d like to see what sort of parental joy you’re in for, visit my bloggy: There’s a story there that may make you want to call Mr. Peanut and tell him you changed your mind about this little alien cashew!

    xoxoxo Chelsea

    PS I did the SAME thing when I got glasses. For god’s sake, what took us so long?!

  5. Hi,
    NIce to see the face behind the talent!
    When are you due? I would love to make you something for the baby…

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