the super-awesome project

Yay!I can’t keep this secret any longer, dear Internets. Here goes:

My new super-awesome project is not so much my project as it is a collaboration between Mr. Tim and myself. And it’s not so much a project as it is a lifetime commitment.

It’s the reason I can barf up the spaghetti I had for lunch and not three seconds later think, “Ooh, I want a Rice Krispies treat,” or, “I could really go for something deep fat fried and smothered in cheese.” It’s the reason I’ve totally neglected this blog over the last few weeks, because I don’t want to do anything but sleep.

Yes, it’s that kind of project… one of the baby-makin’ variety. It’s exhausting, overwhelming, and all-consuming… it goes without saying that T & I are thrilled, scared, and all other manner of emotions typically associated with new parents-to-be.

Without going into detail about my medical history, I didn’t think I could conceive, so obviously this was a huge surprise. I woke up a few weeks ago feeling sick, and a little voice in the back of my head said, “maybe you should take a test….” So I did, and when the results came up, I didn’t believe it. I believe my exact words to my husband were, “Umm, WHY ARE THERE TWO LINES HERE?” Being the wonderful man that he is, he just grinned. A second test proved the first one correct, and it took a trip to my doctor and a third test to convince me that I was, indeed, pregnant.

Holy shit.

The last few weeks have been a fog of morning sickness, exhaustion, and elation. These days, my typical train of thought looks something like this: BABY BABY BABY BABY BABY HOLY SHIT BABY.

I was going to wait to say anything here until I had a better ultrasound picture, but I just couldn’t wait, so you’ll have to look at the pee stick instead. I’m due December 26th… 11 weeks along and counting!


  1. Congratulations Caroline on the wonderful news!! That is a super awesome project indeed! Congrats!!
    – Allison

  2. That’s terrific Caroline! I am sure your little bundle of joy will be quite the creative kid! 🙂

  3. FINALLY, you say it in a place where I can respond! Thusly:


  4. The best, most important, most rewarding, most emotional project EVER. CONGRATS! I wish you an easy going pregnancy.

    Serious goodness. YAY!

  5. Congratulations! That’s super news! Hope the icky morning sickness doesn’t last too long. Hey & I love the ‘pee stick’ hehe…cracked me up 😀

  6. Squuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeellll! Oh my, if that isn’t the cutest pee stick I’ve ever see! How wonderful–congrats to you and your lovely Tim! Hope you get to feeling better within the next couple of weeks!


  7. I already said this, but congrats again! You’re due 4 days after my girlfriend is. Meg hasn’t been sick much, but I can relate to the sleeping part-she’ll take a nap while I’m making breakfast, and then another one after breakfast, and then another in the afternoon, and pretty much all the time…it’s a lot of sleeping.

  8. Hey there! Thanks for your message about my baby news, and congrats to you too!! Your post made me laugh, it’s true it is exciting and wonderful but also oh-so scary at the same time..
    and I love seing people’s pee sticks, haha! yay for you 🙂

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