playing catch-up

I finally have a chance to catch up with my favorite blogs and get down to business! The business of blog-writin’, that is.

I’ve been working on a lot of projects lately, and each one requires me to shift gears a little. Programming, design, photography… all distinctly different processes that have me feeling like a Jack (Jaqueline?) of all trades; but it’s a very competent feeling. That’s good to have when one is swamped with work!

The photo to the right is part of the recent product photography I’ve done for Allison Strine Designs. Allison is an incredibly talented artist–I adore her work, and was honored when she accepted my bid. I’ve had a lot of fun working with her and I’ve enjoyed working with her products, so much so that I had to keep a pendant and a magnet for my very own.

Last weekend’s EtsyMaineTeam meet-up was wonderful! It was great to put faces to names, to network a bit, and learn more about what the artists in our state are doing. I had the pleasure of meeting our team leaders, Becky and Jennifer, as well as Ms. Jamie, whom I’ve known online for years but had never met in person. She came with her crafty family to boot! She and her husband and sister just opened Sweetland Retreat, an artists’ bed & breakfast in Manchester, Maine.

I also did some trading while I was there. I made out like a bandit, and my prints were well-received. I will have pictures of my new treasures soon. You can also look forward to reading my posts every Friday on the new EtsyMaineTeam blog! Double the me, double the fun, right? I thought so!


  1. Nice product shot. I love her work, too and gave my husband one of her parrot cards for our Anniversary last year. Hey, I’ll be in Maine sometime this summer! I have no idea where, but Maine’s not thaaaat big I’m sure we’ll bump into each other on the street. It happens in NYC all the time!

  2. you have certainly been busy!! The product photography looks great, I’m not surprised you had to keep some things for yourself!
    : )

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