good business and bad movies

mother duckI’ve been up to my neck in custom work lately, which is why I’ve been absent for the last couple days (also absent-minded, but that’s the typical state of affairs no matter what I’m working on). I don’t know if it was the Real Simple blog feature a few days ago or what, but Calobee Doodles has been overrun by custom requests. Not that I’m complaining… quite the opposite! šŸ™‚

And today I found one of my photographs featured as an “Etsy Find” in the Storque! Yay! I’m having a good day, indeed.

T & I took a much-needed break last night to go out to dinner and a movie, as it’s been eons since we’ve done a “date night.” Of course, we didn’t bother to read any movie reviews before we selected our movie of choice for the evening. We stuck to the synopsis, which sounded good in theory… but was bad–very bad–in practice. Always read the reviews; always. It will save you the trauma of spending good money to watch a rotten tomato like Doomsday.

Wow. Just… wow. One minute you’re in the midst of a 28-Days-Later-esque scenario in London, and the next you’re thrown into a society of punk-ish anarchy in barricaded Scotland. Ten minutes later, you’re whisked away (by train, of course) to a distinctly medieval society ruled by a crazy mad scientist king, where you discover that the “cure” is not so much a cure, but a rather obvious matter of genetics. And then, oh, I don’t know, let’s throw in a gratuitous car chase! Just for the hell of it!

All the while I’m trying to figure out whether I’ve just missed something or if this is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” movie… where the plot can take a 180 degree turn at any minute! No cohesion necessary! And the cinematography, if you can even call it that… urgh. I actually had to close my eyes and cover my ears at one point to get my bearings. I wanted to be sick, but I don’t know if that was because of the jumpy transitions or the terrible acting. Quite possibly both.

But that’s par for the course for us. Tim and I have a bad habit of picking the absolute worst movies to see in the theater. If you told me I had a choice between a movie with substance, plot, and good acting and something horrible with Colin Farrel and bad dialog, I’d pick the latter nine times out of ten. I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess. šŸ™‚


  1. *taking a break from reading your post to quickly ask*
    You were in a Real Simple blog feature?!?! Forgive me, but did you make this common knowledge and if so, where the hell was I? (no need for you to answer that last part)
    *off to read the rest of your post now*

  2. To comment on the rest of the post- my husband and I rarely get out to the movies any more and we pour over the reviews and trailers to see just what exactly will be worth our while. Thing is, I like surprises, so by the time we see something, it’s like I’ve already seen it. So, given the lack of the element of surprise and the possibility that I will hate what I see, I almost wonder if the latter would be more enjoyable. Hey, a good laugh is priceless!

  3. hi, well done for being picked by the storque! what a shame about the film, I’ll remember not to go and see that one!
    : )

  4. Congratulations on too much work and too little time! A right nice place to be šŸ™‚ And a feature in Real Simple (?!?!) and the Storque to boot! Hot dog!!

    Condolences on the bad movie watching – I have lost way too many hours of my life to this condition. I feel your pain.

  5. Yes, congrats on your successes!

    Thanks for the heads-up on the film. I’ll now know to avoid that one. Sometimes wih movies, so bad is good. & sometimes bad is just plain bad. Yours sounds like it fits into the second category…

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