the flying spaghetti monster will forgive me…

the waiting hour 4I think I’ve officially dropped the ball on NaBloPoMo. I’m pretty sure there’s an 11th commandment that reads something like, “Thou shalt not fail to update thy blogeth on a regularth basisth… ththth,” and I’ve spent the past few days pretty much ignoring it. Well, forgive me, dear Internets, for I have sinned. Ah well, there’s always April!

Yesterday Susan and I met up for another round of thrift shopping. The shopping itself wasn’t very productive for me (it’s usually hit-or-miss, anyhow)–I picked up a vintage wool overcoat in light blue (perfect for photo shoots), a vase for my office (it’s daffy season!), and a shirt for myself. The conversation and company, however, made it well worth the trip. We also enjoyed a tasty dinner at Olive Garden.

Now I’m excited because I have two custom orders in progress. The first is a custom doodle, almost finished, and the second is product photography for another talented Etsy artist. I can’t wait to get started on that, because I think it will be an excellent opportunity to get creative and learn how to better take direction from a client… when it comes to photography, I’m usually the one directing.

Finally, big thanks to Holly of decor8 for including my “alphabet soup” poster in her Real Simple article, “Affordable Art Round-up for Kids.” I’m flattered to be amongst so many talented artists and designers!


  1. Some times thrift shopping can be very rewarding.
    It is just fun looking around and seeing what they have, even if you don’t get something..
    Your trip sure ended good with the Olive Garden..good food…

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