button button who’s got the button?

my weekend project No photos today, but we did do a little shopping at the craft stores in town! I picked up some cloth button forms and a pack of coordinating quilter’s fabric (half price!) to make these cute fabric-covered thumbtacks. I found the tutorial from How About Orange via Design Sponge. I love projects like this because they’re relatively inexpensive, simple, quick, and the results speak for themselves! If, unlike me, you’re sitting on bags of scrap fabric, this would be a fun way to use it up. And I have plenty left over to collage or make more buttons. I think next time I’m going to put magnets on the back.


  1. If it’s any consolation, Cicada, these took me an hour to make, tops. And you could easily break it into 15-minute pieces, and I am not crafty-inclined, so I work slow! 😉

  2. Oh how cute! Sadly, I usually manage to stuff up any fabric related crafty project I attempt. BUT, maybe this is something even I could grasp. Maybe… 😉

  3. lovely….I think I want to try my hand at these some day….maybe to make rings.

  4. I have a bunch of fat quarters from back before I got tendonitis. I’m SOOO making some of these…probably after I move! Thanks for the awesome idea lady!

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