the waiting hour

the waiting hour 2 Danielle and I had some impromptu photo shoot good-ness yesterday evening, in what little light there was left for the day. We didn’t get to do much for that reason, but we’re going to do another shoot tomorrow. I particularly like this shot because it creeps me out, like something from a Stephen King novel. I keep expecting her to turn around and have no eyes or something.

And the dress! I love the dress. It was a recent thrifty find–I’ve had really good luck with those lately! You can get a better sense of it in this photo.

(Danielle also started her own Etsy shop for photography, so go see! My personal favorite is “in the doghouse.”

In other news, it’s been an upsy downsy kinda week, and I’m quite glad that it’s the weekend, finally! Is there anything better than a lazy Friday night?


  1. That shot is phenom! It looks like something right out of The 4400 or even more scary Stanley Kubrick! 🙂 I’m still not recovered from those girls in The Shining. You got really good light. It makes me feel kinda’ chilly.

  2. This is an eerie photograph. The light intensity in the room certainly enhances the feeling. Good job. 🙂

  3. Oooh. I love this. It does have a real air of menace about it. Wonderful work. Are you a fan of Gregory Crewdson’s photography? He’s the master of creepy! xxx scarlett

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