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I’ve been doing a bit of market research, and I think I may be changing my prices soon… raising them a little bit to be more in line with other artists with a similar level of skill. Most of the people I’ve talked to about this have told me I’m under-priced, but I can’t tell if they’re just being nice or if they’re serious.

Pricing has always been a tricky point for me. I never intended to make a living at photography, so I’ve always priced my work closer to the hobbyist end of the scale. At the same time, I don’t want to sell myself short. Confidence in my abilities plays a huge part… I have a tendency to underestimate my strengths, and I think my current prices reflect that.

So I’m turning to you, dear Internets. I put up a poll on my blog and I’d appreciate it if you’d take a couple minutes and answer it. It’s a very informal survey, obviously, but I’m curious to know what my audience here thinks. You can get a good sense of my prices at my regular shop or my Etsy shop (I’m not including Calobee Doodles in this decision, because I’m still a novice in that area!)

You can also leave a comment if you feel like expounding on your answer.

Thank you!


  1. As much as I like that they’re in the “I could afford them if I had any money” bracket, I was startled to look at your shop and see that you sell your stuff so cheaply! While I suppose low prices might bring in more business (or does it imply to customers that it’s of less quality than more expensive work?), I imagine you can certainly ask for more!

  2. I don’t have much experience with pricing, but I do know that many of your photos fall into the priceless category. Go ahead and raise the bar!

  3. Oh that fine line of pricing!

    I’m in a similar conundrum and I’ve started to up my prices a bit. Mainly because I think if prices are too low people have a stigma against it. Honestly, I think by raising my prices it will probably keep sales about the same, but at least I’ll make more money that I would otherwise.

    What I would love to see in your shop? The option for matting and/or framing. I offer a framing option and I get a lot of requests for it. I think people like buying something, getting it, and can hang it up without the hassle of getting it framed. Even if the picture can fit an off-the-shelf frame.

  4. hi there…
    thanks so much for leaving a comment over at my blog. it’s always so nice to discover new blogs that way!

    i followed the link to your etsy shop and your work is really lovely. i can see how it could work really well with stock photos…i’d say keep up with that. sounds like it’s possible to make some good money that way. big congratulations on the book covers….that’s so exciting!!!

  5. I looked at your feedback from the other shop to see what sold most and really, all sizes seemed to sell pretty well. That said, I say raise ’em up across the board! I especially think the largest size could use a lift. The 4×6 are a little like an impulse buy… maybe only raise it a dollar or two and see if you continue to sell them as steady. The people who are willing to invest in the larger ones probably have a real plan for them and I bet they’d be willing to spend the extra money more readily and the price should go up a little more significantly.

  6. Well going with the spirit of Etsy I would say the 4×6 are about right, maybe a couple dollars more but the 8×10/8×12 should be somewhere in the $35 to $45 range although I see some of the vintage flora prints are around there.
    If you were selling these in a gallery of course things would be much different because of the percentage you actually take home which is why I love Etsy. Power to the crafty people!

  7. I don’t have anything to expound about, except that I had a great time looking through all your beautiful work before voting 🙂 I did want to thank you for coming to visit my blog today – please feel free to visit anytime!

  8. I think the prices should be raised. Your work suggests professional level work & is quite lovely. I have to say that I’ve a few large art photos hanging in my home & have certainly paid more. But when you see the perfect shot, one has to have it! 🙂

    I think you can raise your prices across the board with confidence & may even see more sales. Have you been able to find out who your base demographic are? This may also help you to assess your pricing & how flexible it is.

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