would you like a side of feh with that?

best friendsNaBloPoMo always reduces me to posting cat pictures at least once, so I figured I’d get it over with. This is Nala, enjoying her favorite spot in the whole wide world. Tim is most definitely “her” human, and she’s made that quite clear. In contrast, I have been “marked” as Pippen’s human. Meanwhile, Stitch is far too powerful and important to have time for lowly minions such as ourselves. I’m pretty sure she has bigger plans–like, say, world domination. And eating. She likes eating.

It’s been a pretty blah weekend, to be honest. I should be happy, but I’m hovering somewhere between indifference and the blues. I think I might be a tad hormonal, as evidenced by the fact that I burst into tears over a hard-boiled egg because that bitch wouldn’t peel properly! And no one likes a lumpy hard-boiled egg! Grr.

Yes, this is one of those days that’s really only good for one thing–the knowledge that, eventually, I will get to go to bed and sleep, and hopefully tomorrow will be brighter. And with that, dear Internets, I bid you goodnight!


  1. Nala is so cute.
    Cats are funny. We have a cat as well, and as hard as I try to get him to pick me, he is gravitated to my 8 year old son.
    guess I need to get another one and try again!

  2. Your cat is so cute, they do have funny ways. One thing they have a mind of their own..Hope you feel better today..

  3. My Chibi is a tortie too! Yours is lovely πŸ™‚

    I hate lumpy boiled eggs too; next time maybe let it sit in cold water for a bit before peeling, might make for a less bitchy egg Ò˜º

  4. Caroline…feel free to delete this….I just took your poll, but it was a bit hard getting to your shop to check your prices. Have you considered adding an Etsy mini?

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