it hasn’t quite sprung, but it’s getting there…

business cards! sixhours photography My spare time over the last three days has been nothing but Web site, Web site, Web site. I’m trying to crank out a new design, and a surprise!… Which will debut very soon. Hopefully tomorrow, provided my eyeballs don’t fall out of my head from all the extra computer time. It’s a good thing I enjoy doing this stuff or I’d be pretty irate by now.

This evening I took a short walk after work. You have no idea how happy this makes me–that it was warm enough (“warm” is a relative term, of course–40 degrees is a veritable heat wave) to comfortably walk outside in a light jacket for more than ten minutes without risking frostbite. Spring is slowly creeping into the air, and this makes me ridiculously gleeful.

(And yes, I just used the word “gleeful.” I do love me some glee. There’s no better way to describe this feeling, except possibly “manic,” but that sounds vaguely unhealthy… so, “gleeful” it is!)

And even better, when I got home, my new business cards were waiting for me! You can also see the Calobee Doodles design here. They are so smooth and shiny and pretty that I kind of want to… lick them. Is this weird? Hmm. I suppose that might be a turn-off for potential future contacts, so I probably shouldn’t lick them. Or at least… not all of them…


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