the forgotten bride 2 I hadn’t even intended to post today (because I’m a bad, bad NaBloPoMo-er, and because I’m buried in work and a new Web design) but I had to unbury myself for a moment to brag: I have a photo in a recent Etsy Storque article about the Handmade Wedding series!

And how fitting… I don’t know about you guys, but I know that the idea of planning a wedding certainly makes me want to stick my head in the dryer. Hence, why our teeny  wedding ceremony was planned, organized, and over within 3 weeks.

(Many thanks to the lovely talented Jamie for pointing this out to me! I’m so behind on my blog reading that I never would have noticed otherwise. :))


  1. Whoa, how great! We did a lot of our wedding ourselves in a fairly short time too (this being our second each, it made it simper to stay focuses on what was truly important). This all happened pre-Etsy for me, and I’m a little bummed because I see some way-cool things that would’ve made the day extra special.

  2. Squeeeee–weeee-weee! I saw the article–how could you miss it, with this eye-catcher as the photo? Congratulations!!!

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