little bursts

clocks 1 Oopsie, where have I been?

Well, it’s a long story, involving a social life (no, really–this is not a work of fiction!), a pesky rhinovirus, two Etsy shops, and a few long days at work. I’ve been up to my ears in friends, snot, appointments, and my job(s). I’m pretty sure I have a husband running loose around here somewhere, too… he’s probably buried under the pile of dirty dishes in the sink.

Add a dash of laziness, and you have a recipe for a thoroughly neglected blog.

But never fear, because I’ve been inspired! Invigorated, even! Word around Blogland is that NaBloPoMo is being resurrected–this time, you post every day in a given month (not just November). Each month has a theme, and March’s theme is “lists.” It just so happens that I am a list-making fiend, so beginning March 1st, I am going to clog your RSS readers with so much mindless drivel, you’ll be begging me to take a vacation. To Pluto.

Also, apparently it’s Valentine’s Day, or something? What? Huh? I admit, I completely forgot until late this morning, when I was already buried under piles of work. Oops!

T & I agreed to postpone our romantic celebrations until this weekend, at which point we’ll go shopping for new floors. Home ownership is sexy. You want more hardwood, baby? How about some vinyl tiles? Ooh yeah, let’s negotiate a three-way with the contractor. I like it like that.

Oook, I’ve obviously been away from the blog for far too long… I need to work on letting the crazy out in little bursts.


  1. “Ooh yeah…I like it like that.”
    Comments like this tend to make me spew coffee all over the computer screen.

    Why is it that I’m so familiar with dates to the home improvement stores?

  2. Your social activity reminds me that Scott and I need to be more social. Perhaps we could be social together at some point in the near future?! Have you and Tim seen Juno yet? I would also love to see your new house!

  3. Glad you’re back & feeling better. 🙂 I am an avid NaNoWriMo-er and I’ll have to look into NaBloPoMo & maybe give it a whirl. A month of lists for March, huh? I feel a part of my brain twitching. O_o 😀

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