and the winner is…

we want to fly I have the coolest parents in the world. They read and comment on my blog, they’re my fans on Facebook, they play World of Warcraft… they’re hip. They’re happenin’. They’re all-around good folks, and I love them dearly. So I suppose it’s only fitting that, when I went to draw the winners for my birthday contest (with help from, the true random number generator–accept no substitutes!), guess whose comment number came up?

That’s right–congratulations B Moore, aka Mom! You most certainly deserve it, especially after all those hours of hard labor, the diapers, the cooking of separate meals for certain picky eaters (ahem), and (who could forget? Because I will certainly never live it down) the Great Blue Milk Incident of 1988! Who knew that you’d still be sticking my scribbles on your fridge long after I turned 7?

Let it never be said that good parenting doesn’t win you any prizes. πŸ™‚

Then I thought… hmm, the good people of Blogland are an understanding bunch, but they might find it a tad convenient that the winner of the contest also happens to be directly related to me.

Well, that’s easy enough to fix. I decided to draw a second winner, and that lucky person is Pia Jane Bijkerk, a stylist who writes a beautiful blog with gorgeous photos. Congratulations, Pia! Your cupcake prints will be sent out tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Thanks to everyone who participated! I had a lot of fun watching the entries roll in, and found a lot of new blogs to read in the process, and I had such a great response that I will definitely do another contest soon–perhaps for my one-year Etsy anniversary, coming up in March. Stay tuned!


  1. i am chuffed. simply chuffed to be selected up next to your parents, i’m still glowing! and i must admit i am a little envious that your parents have such internet presence in your life – i pretty much forced my parents to sign up an account on facebook which they never check, and I’m not sure they have ever even seen my blog. Thanks again Caroline, I will let you know when the little beauties arrive! px

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