we all float

we all floatI’m excited, because last night I won a lot of 5 old alarm clocks on eBay. They’re perfect as parts/props for a photo shoot I have in mind. Yes, that’s right, photography! Remember, that thing I used to do occasionally? Before I got sidetracked by birthdays and contests and Boston? I’d nearly forgotten, myself. But now I have a few local folks who’ve volunteered their time as models, and I’d better take advantage of their generosity before the semester gets too crazy.

In the meantime, I’ve been doodling. I spent the evening working on this little girl, whose head is threatening to drift off into the clouds to join her floating friends.

Not that I’d know anything about having one’s head in the clouds, of course!


  1. I like your illustration. Hope she holds on to the string or her head will be up in the clouds. Which may not be such a bad place for a little girl to dream. 🙂

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