happy birthday to me!

i carry your heartYes, indeedy. As one friend so eloquently put it, I’m a quarter of a century old today. So flattering, indeed, to have one’s age measured in terms of centuries! Grar.

It’s been a good birthday, with lots of well-wishes from friends and family. T & I went out to breakfast, then did a little birthday shopping. He cooked a delicious dinner and baked a double-chocolate cake (yumm). All in all, a good day, indeed.

Yesterday I met up with a new volunteer model, Danielle, for a general “get to know you” chat. It turns out that we have a lot in common. We ended up talking for upwards of five hours (and in a Denny’s, no less – I don’t think I’ve ever spent five hours in a Denny’s, let alone five enjoyable hours) and I think I made a new friend! Yay!

As if that wasn’t enough social interaction for one week, tomorrow I’m catching a bus and heading to Boston for the weekend to spend time with old friends. And that’s why I’m cutting this one short–I have to get up early! Goodnight all!


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