the keeper of lost hearts

the keeper of lost heartsI started working on this doodle with the idea that I’d have a cute Valentine’s Day print to sell on Etsy (seasonal marketing, y’know), but now I’m pretty sure that it’s not Valentines-friendly unless you want to give someone a “Sorry You’re Alone and Broken-Hearted on Valentine’s Day!” print. Ah well. She’s listed in the shop, anyway!

This weekend was very productive. I wanted to get outside and enjoy the nice weather before the next big storm, so I grabbed my camera and a few props (the usual suspects – I’m obviously not over my creepy doll phase) and had at it. Tim gets brownie points for helping me engineer a few things… I’m so much better at thinking up ideas than bringing them to fruition, and that’s where he comes in handy. My favorites are posted over at Flickr.

I also made lunches for the week (beef stew, yum) and watched a few more episodes of Lost and broke my blog and fixed my blog. I’ve decided that my next Big Project will be configuring a shopping cart system for Sixhours, so that I’m not entirely dependent on Etsy for sales. I’ve heard good things about WordPress’ E-commerce plugin, but I didn’t have much luck getting it to work with my current WordPress configuration, so we’ll see. In the meantime, does anyone have suggestions as to a cheap/free shopping cart systems for personal Web sites?


  1. she could be overwhelmed with happiness of all the valentines she got that she is crying for joy…?
    ehh maybe thats a stretch…

    maybe its a “happy v-day, i mis syou and wish you were here with me to celebrate” type of card?

  2. I had a similar dilemma. I made a “Love Hurts Cactus Pincushion” for my shop which has over 300 views and I get lots of comments of how cute it is. It’s even featured in the Etsy Valentine Gift Guide. Then I thought, who wants a permanent reminder that love sucks? Maybe only me… ha ha.

  3. Not free, but easy– I’m thinking about using Or there’s the paypal buttons on your site/blog route. I’d rather be taking more photos and making more art than setting up more sites… So many things to do… so little time… sigh.

    🙂 –Tricia

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Tricia! I’ll look into Shopify. I’ve also considered PayPal buttons, but I want something a bit more dynamic… the WordPress plugin would be great if I could get it to work!

    (I admit, I enjoy the Web geeky stuff almost as much as I enjoy making art! Programming satisfies the math geek in me, I guess. :D)

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