yay presents!

scarf! Yesterday was a Good Mail Day.

First, ThisNext sent me an awesome Gelaskin (designed by Steven Daily) for my MacBook. Now my laptop is all pink and sexay.

Second, my Secret Santa gift came! Yay! My Secret Santa was revealed as being Janette of liberatingomoni.vox.com. And the loot: A hand-knit scarf made of the softest purple yarn, a bar of gourmet chocolate (the good stuff – 41% cacao), and a handful of roly-poly jingling cat toys (because kitties love Santa, too!).

Janette obviously did her research. The scarf is perfect. I always wear a scarf on cold winter days (of which we have so many, living somewhere between Better Put On A Sixth Layer and Oh My God I Can’t Feel My Fingers), and this one is so soft and thick, and my favorite color, too! The chocolate was delicious (note the use of the past tense… I have no self control) and the cat toys were promptly distributed to their respective locations under the fridge, a chair, the T.V. stand and the kitchen table, not to be seen again until the year 2015, or the next time we move–whichever comes first.

All in all, a great success. Thank you so much, Janette!

I’ve decided that I really like Good Mail Days, and I think I should have them more often. So, who wants to send me stuff? 🙂 Otherwise I might be forced to spend all my money on Etsy, and wouldn’t that be terrible?


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