ho ho hooboy

pink!(Tree photos at Flickr, as promised.)

One word: VACATION! Booyah!

In celebration of my short-lived freedom from work… I’m having the carpets cleaned. I’m also having a beer and watching Jeopardy.

It doesn’t get better than this.

In photo news, I’ve added gift certificates to my Etsy shop! They’re great in the event that you know someone who would like my art but you can’t decide which print(s) to give them. And there are lots of new prints to choose from!

There may be more coming, too… I have a photo shoot tomorrow with the awesome miss Hannah, and I need to start preparing for that right now, in fact!


  1. How long do you have off work? I love this photo, by the way. Amazing depth of field and it’s cute what you did with the rosey colors. It’s really very lovely.

  2. Thanks, Emily!

    I have Friday – Tuesday off, I work Wednesday, then I have Thursday – Sunday off. So it’s broken up a bit.

    Then I’m taking a full week in January for my b-day. 🙂

  3. Wait, when’s your birthday? Mine’s the 14th. I’ve already used up sooo many of my vacation/sick days, I wish I could take a week off for mine! Lucky lucky. 🙂

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