snow snow snow snow!

sproutsEmily at Suburose is having a crafty giveaway contest this week, and the prize is one of my prints! An 8×12 print of “sprouts” will be yours if your name is chosen from the drawing. The contest ends on December 6th at midnight, so hurry over there and enter!

Speaking of prizes, congratulations to Jennifer of The Word Cellar for winning a free print from my shop and completing NaBloPoMo!

In other news… SNOW DAY! Or half a snow day, as the case may be, but either way, it means paid time off, and I’m always down with that. It’s supposed to snow all day tomorrow, too. The fridge is stocked, the lights are lit, and the cats are pleasantly surprised that their humans are around for them to sleep on. It’s a bit much to hope that they’d cancel tomorrow, too… but that won’t stop me from crossing my fingers.


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