i’m not dead yet!

looking back There are new photos in the portfolio, and a small show of my work up at The Shiny Squirrel!

The hubs has been on a business trip since Tuesday, and I picked him up at the airport on Saturday. I didn’t mention it earlier, because the subtext would have read “Hi, potential stalkers, murderers, and rapists! I’m home alone and most of you can figure out where I live! Have at it!” Hah. In any case, I’m very happy to have him home!

Yesterday I went to a small holiday fair at the university, and met some talented local crafters. I’d never considered the craft scene before, at least not until Etsy, but I’ve found it’s an excellent opportunity to meet new people and network. I even met another local photographer who does some really beautiful Maine nature/wildlife/scenic work: Wild n’ Woody. I walked away with a beautiful print of Mt. Katahdin for my office and a handmade blank book for Tim, and I even remembered to mention Etsy a few times in conversation. It was a good day!

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