well-trained, indeed

this is how i spend my eveningsSometimes I think I exist solely for the purpose of being a walking human cat bed. Hmm… I wonder why that is? …

I have “Both Hands” stuck in my head… the song, not my hands. That would be ew.

I’m putting up Christmas lights and decorations this week! Which is fun! Except the suction cups I use to fix the lights to the windows never work! And I spend half my life watching them fall down! Then I put them back up! Repeat fifty-thousand times! I’m like a well-trained hamster! It’s so great, this decorating thing! Hence the over-use of exclamation points! !!!!

Feh. I think it’s time for bed.


  1. I cannot believe I am seeing this in person (well technically on the interweb) but your kitty has the biggest cheshire grin that I have ever seen!

    That is so cool!

    Oh, and sorry to hear about the hamster thing. 🙂

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