a letter to the fat dude in the red suit

sunflower(A sunny photo to counteract the wintry day.)

I’m running dry on blog ideas tonight, and I’m really eager to get to bed, so for lack of anything better to write about I present to you my Christmas wish list. We just finished watching Miracle on 34th St., and I’m feeling hopeful, so Santa, if you’re out there, you know what to do:

1. A Flickr Pro account. I know I should stop being cheap and just buy one already, but what else are wish lists good for except asking for frivolous things you wouldn’t spend money on yourself?

2. Speaking of frivolous things… an iPhone. I’m almost ashamed to admit it because I have a somewhat marked aversion to phones in general, but it’s Apple, and therefore it’s pretty, and therefore I must have it.

3. Hardwood floors to replace our carpets. If you happen to have a few thousand dollars laying around that you aren’t going to use, send it my way, OK? I promise it will be put to good use.

4. Anything from my Etsy favorites list. There are so many wonderful shops and items to choose from that I wouldn’t know where to begin in naming just one or two. If it’s on that list, it should be assumed that I want it.

And that just about covers it for the gimme-gimmes this year. See how easy I am to please? A $400 gadget and a couple grand for hardwood floors–now, that shouldn’t be too hard, Santa. What do you think? Have I been a good girl this year? Mmmm?

There are cookies in it for you if you come through, though I can’t promise they won’t be a bit, err, crispy… the oven and I are still having a tiff.


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