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new designI decided to re-design on a whim… I get bored with designs easily, what can I say? I also did away with the News section, as it was somewhat redundant alongside the blog. Any relevant Web site news will be posted here.

An announcement! You can now find my cupcake girl doodle on lots of different goodies at Hey Pretty Cupcake (also at the HPC Etsy shop). There are keychains, magnets, buttons–all sorts of toys and trinkets and things bearing the likeness of cupcake girl. I hope to have a few more designs up there soon, so stay tuned!

In an effort to stock up for the holidaze, I’ve also put a bunch of new prints up at my Etsy shop! I’m taking your advice, dear Internets, and adding some of my stranger works. It can’t hurt. I’ve also taken your suggestions for note cards into account, and I think I know which designs I’m going to start with, so thanks for that! I’ll probably launch those in mid-December… a bit late for the holiday crowd, but I think they’ll sell well enough in the off-season, anyhow.

I’m feeling a bit blah about not having arranged my usual monthly photo shoot for November, but I put all that creative energy into whining about the cold weather (and I’ve been working on my shops, promotion, and things of that nature… it’s not all moaning and groaning… just 75%). However, I’m getting the photo itch again, so I think I’ll start getting things together for a shoot or two. Even if I can’t get anyone scheduled until January, at least I’ll have something on the calendar to look forward to.


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