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viciousI went digging through my photo archives today, which explains the unusual amount of Flickr spam. You know how sometimes you pass over a photo without giving it much thought, but when you come back to it after a period of time you realize it has potential? I had a few of those moments.

As a result, there will be new prints popping up in the Etsy shop (and others) over the next couple days. Yay!

Which leads me to my next question: I’ve noticed that my print choices tend to be on the “safe” side in terms of what I list in the shop. In thinking primarily from a business perspective, I want to appeal to as many people as possible, and I’m willing to bet that more people appreciate a good flower macro than, say, something like this. For this reason, a lot of my work is not offered in print. I don’t feel it has great sell-ability.

On the other hand, I’ve been pleasantly surprised on occasion–“laundry day”, for example, is a photo that I think of as being dark, something that wouldn’t appeal to a lot of people, but it’s my best-selling print at Etsy. Go figure!

So I’m curious – what would you like to see in my shop from my portfolio that isn’t currently there, and why? Am I underestimating my target market by staying with the safer selections? Are ya’ll more twisted than I’m giving you credit for? 😉

In other news that is really only relevant to me (but you’ll suffer through it because that’s what NaBloPoMo is all about–suffering), my iMac is on the fritz after a botched Leopard installation, which makes me very sad. Thankfully I have Tim, who is the Superman to my Lois Lane when it comes to computer repairs (minus the part about tights and a cape… although we might have to work on that), and he’s fixing it. I know I claim to be a computer geek, but that’s mostly for software, and only then when the software is working correctly (and since when does software ever really work correctly? And don’t say “When it’s on a PC” because then I’d be forced to pbbbt in your general direction.)

It seems that my computer will need to be backed up, formatted, and completely re-installed. The whole process sounds long and painful, but Tim assures me that my data is safe and sound on an external hard drive. In the meantime, I am very grateful for my slothful little iBook!

And with that, dear Internets, I bid you a very slow adieu. “Superman” needs the Pepto-Bismol.


  1. Just off the top of my head:
    -The Waiting Spot
    – Where She Wandered
    – all of the Forgotten Bride ones
    – Seedlings
    – Alien Flower

  2. I think i’m a good example that it doesn’t have to be safe to sell on etsy. The more simpler still life type stuff i have on etsy tends to not sell as well as the stuff i was worried wouldn’t fit in over there. In the least it doesn’t hurt to try. People always buy prints of stuff i wouldn’t expect them to.

    How is it selling on those other two sites?

  3. Well, you shouldn’t take me too seriously — I’m one of those people whose support of art is by necessity verbal rather than financial, which is unfortunate, ’cause I’d rather give an artist money than give the gas company money (but the gas co. disagrees).

    BUT I thought “Cut Away” was brilliant, as were “Outside”, “The Doll Tree”, “The Poison Apple”, and “Something Akin To Murder.”

    “Measured” and “Pyro” were also clever, although they didn’t quite touch me in the visceral way that your best work does — you’re fine aiming for the head, but you’re at your best when ya aim fer organ meat! (And having been a fan of your photos for as long as you’ve been posting ’em, let me just say that “safer” is never better where your work is concerned! :D)

    (Whomever the model in “Pyro” etc. was, though, you should totally do more with her — artistically, you two mesh wonderfully!)

  4. @ Leah: Thank you! 😀

    @ Caryn: Good advice. Re: the other two shops, I haven’t sold anything yet! They get much much less traffic when compared to Etsy (via alexa.com). But it’s free to list at both places, so I’m not out any $ if nothing sells!

    @ Rachel: Thank you! The model in “pyro” is Hannah… I’ve worked with her a lot because she’s amazing. But I can’t play favorites – anyone who models for me is awesome for putting up with me. 🙂

  5. I love Grasping, The Doll Tree, Bird Girl 3. Once Scott and I start dealing with the rest of our wall space, I am going to recommend to him that we order a fairly large print of The Orange Bones, because I think that the colors are awesome! I also may get smaller prints of the ones I listed above (I think they’ll complement the prints I ordered from you in 2004!) I will remind myself of this, probably after the holidays

  6. Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for the welcome! My goodness, What a a very beautiful blog you have here! I love the little white heart embellishments at the top and bottom of your page :]

    I`ll have to take a look at your etsy shop, I love photography and dream of owning a Canon Rebel one day ;]

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