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Can anyone tell me why my husband is cooking bacon at 9 o’clock at night? Anyone? I don’t get it either…

I’ve spent the evening getting to know our neighbors, thanks to one of those awkward “did you get my UPS package?” incidents. They’re very nice people! I know, I know, I say this like it’s a big surprise that our neighbors aren’t three-headed monsters with fangs or something… we hermits are a bit skittish.

I’m in the process of putting photo-related things together, getting prints ready to ship, etc. Honestly, shipping has to be the least favorite part of the small business process. I’m always worried that I’ll mess up an order (once I bent a print nearly in half in a clumsy attempt to get it in the envelope – I cried) or that the prints will get damaged or lost in the mail or any number of little catastrophes. I dread the day I get my first negative feedback, and I’m certain it will be because of something shipping-related. I am a bit shipping-retarded, really, but I think it’s because I haven’t developed a good system. I need a system. Will have to work on that.

I’d better wrap this up and head to bed – it’s only half an hour ’til tomorrow, and if I’m not finished by midnight, my blog turns into a pumpkin and my cats turn into mice (how insulted would they be if it were true?) and the frumpy turtleneck-and-slacks outfit I’m wearing turns into a… well… nevermind. We all know how this story ends, folks. Goodnight!

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