i is no want winterz kthx

Mmmm! Mmmmmm. Yesterday’s Crock-Pot chili success inspired Tim to make a beef stew, thanks to which I am so dreadfully full right now. Between yesterday’s chili and today’s stew we have dinner for the week. I love it when the hubs gets domestic!

It’s been a lazy day, otherwise. I am totally lacking in energy and motivation for projects these days. It’s depressing to watch the sun disappear at 4:30 in the afternoon! Hopefully I’ll snap out of it soon, or else I’m in for a long, dreary winter (and a lot of really boring blogging!  “Today I woke up… and promptly fell asleep again. The end.”)

I do have some ideas, though. I think I’m going to make a 2008 seasonal computer desktop calendar – one doodle for each month – and offer the desktop backgrounds for download here. Just ’cause.

I also have a photo shoot in mind, but I’m somewhat lacking in props. Anyone happen to have on hand a bunch of clock parts or a few broken vintage clocks? I’ll gladly pay shipping!

The most discouraging thing about winter besides the lack of light is the lack of warmth. More specifically, the inability to go outside wearing anything less than a full body snow suit and stay above frostbite temperatures for any length of time. I’m mostly concerned for the girls who model for me on a regular basis.  I’ve yet to find fashionable outerwear that both looks good AND keeps one cozy while standing in the freezing snow for an hour.

Pipe Dreams: I has them.

I also has a serious inability to stop using lolcats speak in everyday conversation. I caught myself muttering “Do not want!” when I spilled a drink at work the other day.  And I’ve started appending requests with “I can has…?” – I can has chocolate? I can has computer? I can has lobotomy?

Caro-cat is… annoying the crap out of herself.


  1. Ohhhhhh I love Winter. I enjoy the low light, the snow and the cold. Of course, I’ve also got reverse seasonal depression; instead of being depressed in winter and manic in spring, it’s reversed.

  2. I can has chili recipe, plz?

    I can sympathize with the troubles in keeping models warm during outdoor shooting in winter. Though I’ve retreated to the studio for most photo fun, I still have silly hopes of doing an infrared nude session in snow. Current thought is to have a warm-up station just feet from the shooting location, with a double layer of down sleeping bags ready to be zipped up to the shivering creature’s neck.

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