It’s the kind of gray November day that’s best for chili (Tim fired up the Crock-Pot) and a good book. Mmm, yes, it’s been an excellent day, and it’s always good news when there’s the rest of a long weekend still ahead.

The obligatory crazy cat lady update: Pippen is quite at home with us. His favorite place is curled up on my shoulder, with his butt tucked snugly under my chin (he makes a nice scarf!) and he purrs on demand. We’re smitten with our kitten!

The girls still aren’t impressed with him, but they’re friendly with us, so I think they’ll adjust in good time. We’ve had help from treats, lots and lots of treats. I’m pretty sure Nala and Stitch would have suffocated us in our sleep already if it hadn’t been for their lack of opposable thumbs and being unable to open the treat jar.

Also: I found plugins for WordPress that allow me to cross-post to my Livejournal AND Myspace blogs in addition to Vox! No man, woman, or child will be free from my incessant rambling. Is there anything WordPress can’t do? Does anyone know of a good plugin that will mop my floors?

(There are four more 5×7 prints up for grabs! See here if you missed yesterday’s blog.)

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