the 7 things meme that won’t die

I was tagged by Jayne to do one of those 7 random facts memes, and since I’m in dire need of inspiration, I’m more than happy to oblige.

1. I sleepwalk. No, scratch that. I sleep-falldown. I only discovered this fact last night (This is breaking news! You heard it here first, folks!) after I’d gone to bed. I remember having a vivid dream that involved triangularly-shaped robot spiders. I was trying to get away from them, and in my dream, I fell. That’s when I woke up to find myself on the floor, on hands and knees, facing away from the bed. I don’t remember how I got there. The hubs has an interesting account of the event at his blog, where he described it as such: “So there I was, wide awake in bed last night. Couldn’t sleep. All of a sudden, Caroline sits up, says something quite untranslatable, and throws herself onto the floor.” Yep, that’s right. I threw myself onto the floor. In my sleep. Suddenly I’m uneasy about the fact that our bed is rather close to a flight of stairs…

2. I’m a leetle OCD about my blogroll in Google Reader. I can’t just mark a feed as “read” without making an effort to read it. Even if I just scroll past the new posts, I have to at least glance at them. Why? Because I might miss something important, of course! This is all well and good except when you’re five days behind and your Flickr contacts feed totals well over 1k posts alone. Hello, carpal tunnel!

3. In my youth I took many after-school lessons: Piano, jazz dancing, tap dancing, ballet, karate, cooking, sewing, chorus/voice. I do none of these things now, with the exception of cooking (only when I have to, or when I want to make cheesecake) and singing (very loudly and off-key, usually in the car).

4. In contrast, I had very little interest in photography until college (and only then because it was digital and therefore satisfied a need for instant gratification), even though I had many opportunities to try it before then.

5. I have no interior design skills whatsoever. In fact, any kind of artistic talent that goes beyond 2 dimensions is difficult for me. This could be because I have terrible depth perception, or because I hate to paint (walls). Or perhaps both.

6. Umm, I’m running out of facts, so I will regale you with tales from the cat-dom. Pippen is home and adjusting nicely. He’s quite taken with Nala (although the feelings are not mutual) and wants to follow her around. It’s entirely obvious that he’s infatuated, if only she would reciprocate. But she’s not having any of that, and neither is Stitch… there’s been a little hissing, but he’s not phased, and the girls are getting lots of pets and treats to make up for our treason. He’s walked across my keyboard no less than six times as I type this. He’s got a squeaker and a loud purr and he’s not afraid to use them.

7. … I’m beat! I like cheese. There’s my seventh fact.


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