i am definitely a cat person

So now that I’ve committed myself to this whole NaBloPoMo thing, I actually have to, you know, write stuff. And I thought, “Gee, what the heck am I going to write about? I need a subject!”

The S.O. solved that problem today, when he flooded my e-mail inbox with photos of puppies and kittens from PetFinder.com. Sites like PetFinder should be banned to people like me who have no resistance when it comes to small fuzzy things.

And hey, even better! All those adorable animals just happen to be from the local Humane Society, which means we should go look at them!

Now, we’ve been pretty comfortable with our two-cat family for several years. We adopted Nala and Stitch when they were kittens and now they’re playful, affectionate, tear-around-the-house types at 5-and-a-half and 5 years old, respectively. They get along well, and while we’d gladly adopt a farmhouse full of cats if allowed, we’ve been wary of upsetting the delicate balance.

Well, delicate balance be damned, because T & I can’t visit an animal shelter without falling in love, and there are so many kittens and cats there who need homes. And hey, what’s one more, right?

So, because I have no willpower, we will be picking up Ichabod II* (Icky, for short) from the shelter on Thursday. He’s an 8-week-old kitten with a pure white coat and quite a voice. He’s the last of his litter, and he looked so lonely in his kennel… as soon as he saw us, he started crying and rubbing against the bars. When we picked him up, he crawled up on our shoulders and purred, and… we didn’t stand a chance.

Nala and Stitch will be displeased with the new addition at first, but there is plenty of room in the house for all three cats to hide in separate corners–or heck, they can each have their own floor! We’ll introduce them slowly and go from there.

I admit, I feel a little bad for adopting a kitten instead of an adult cat. I know that the adult cats have a more difficult time finding homes, but I think integrating another adult with our two would be difficult. My hope is that Nala or Stitch will be more apt to befriend Icky because he’s still a baby and therefore less of a threat.

Pictures coming forthwith! We’re going back to the shelter to visit our new kitty for a few minutes this evening before heading north for the weekend. And now I will have something to blog about, even if it’s just pictures of a cute Icky!

*Not his official name yet. His shelter name was Sirius (as in the cloud, hah), but we’re not big on that one. I’m not entirely sold on Ichabod, either, but Tim loves it and is standing firm. It’s Ichabod II because Ichabod was a kitty from my childhood. I have reserves about re-naming, but we’ll see.


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