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This weekend, in an effort to branch out a bit and explore my options, I opened two new online shops for my prints: One at Dawanda and one at eCrater. I’d heard good things about both venues via the Etsy forums and figured it couldn’t hurt to see what the fuss was about. So I opened up shop and listed a few prints at each (the same works are available at each shop).

My initial impression is “they’re pretty cool”. Both shops have slightly different ways of getting things done. When compared to Etsy, some aspects of shop maintenance are simpler, and some are more complicated. Dawanda is definitely more friendly toward international customers, and eCrater is intuitively designed. Overall, I think Etsy still leads the pack in terms of community, traffic, and design… but it can’t hurt to have more options, right?

I also designed a new banner for my Etsy shop to reflect the current Web site design at I like this one much better!


  1. good luck with your new stores – hope they bring you much success. let us know how you go :)(scrap4u)

  2. I’ve been wondering what else was out there besides Etsy. It’s nice to know there is something.

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