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Well Fall, it’s been fun, but now we’re watching the leaves drop like flies and I’m certain that means Winter is around the corner. That’s right, Winter, I’m lookin’ at you – I know you’re out there, biding your time, ready to strike. I can smell hints of you in the morning, when the ground is covered with frost and the air bites your nose like a rabid chihuahua (does that make me the queen of bad analogies? It totally should).

Ah well. I’m just thankful you’ve waited until now to show up… any year that I don’t have to turn on the heat before November is a good year. And at least Fall gets to go down in flames, so to speak–just look at those leaves!

I’m busybusy with photo geekery this week. Yesterday evening I matted a bunch of prints for a December solo show at The Shiny Squirrel. The prints will be packed up and shipped to New York this weekend. It’s not looking so good for a photo shoot tomorrow, though… we’re expecting rain. The only rainy day of the entire week, of course. Le sigh. Maybe I can reschedule for Sunday.

It’s been so busy that I’ve neglected the poor DVR, but that’s no problem. I intend to spend a portion of the weekend sitting on my butt and catching up on my favorite shows – there are new episodes of Ghost Hunters and Scrubs to be had, as well as a slew of Halloween-related Food Network specials.

Other plans for the weekend include some super-secret crafty Christmas gift projects, a relaxing bubble bath with my new best friend, some light reading, and hopefully I can squeeze a warm cup of cocoa in there somewhere. Maybe the oven and I will square off again and try another apple crisp, this time without the burnt part.

Boy, life’s rough sometimes! 😉


  1. oh i am so glad!!thank you so much for letting me knowi dont think i have been on your blogit is delightful.!!!!!xx

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