her story will never be written

her story will never be written
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Cripes, I kept busy this weekend!

Saturday I had a photo shoot with the lovely Naomi, though I apologize that you cannot see just how lovely she is in this particular photograph. She appears to have a case of typewriter-head. In any case, it was a fun shoot, and I’m so glad I can share the results with you today–not six months from now!

I also baked an apple crisp and didn’t burn it! Much! OK, well, I did burn it, but only a little. It was still edible (and delicious, if I do say so myself) once you scraped off the top layer of black crud… and this is why I don’t bake much. Thankfully the S.O. is much better with the oven than me. They have a special relationship. Maybe the oven is jealous of me? Aha, that’s it! Burning my crisp was just the first step in an elaborate plan to deliberately come between my husband and me… I knew it!

(Or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. That could be it, too. The S.O. calls them my “ooh shiny” moments.)

Moving on.

It was also a busy weekend for the shop. Two of my photos landed on the front page of Etsy this weekend as part of two separate treasuries. My work was also featured by Anything Indie and Roadside Scholar, very hip and happenin’ blogs (a wonderful surprise, considering that I am neither hip nor happenin’). All the extra attention netted me two sales! Hurrah!

So many good things. We also visited with family friends, did a bit of tidying up, and I continue to scheme and dream about things I want to do with the house. The to-do list gets bigger and bigger, while the checkbook, curiously enough, gets smaller and smaller. A mystery, indeed.


  1. Hey hon! I thought I should head over here, since I miss ya 🙂 Can you email me your new address? I have mail that’s been waiting all week to be sent!

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