so sexy it hurts

Caro’s very purple office
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Where have I been? Moving and marrying, that’s where! The proof is in the Flickr pudding.

To answer your most pressing questions: The new house is great, the new “well-loved” hubby is great, and diet Barq’s is also great. Mmmm, root beer for the calorie-conscious.

This afternoon I looked down at my lap and realized my inseam was missing. As in, ripped. As in, I unknowingly spent a good portion of the morning flashing a whole lotta pasty-white inner thigh at my co-workers.

I’m obviously too sexy for my pants!

(And yes, I did go home to change.)

There was impromptu photo shoot good-ness this weekend, courtesy of the lovely Hannah. We headed to the local ornamental gardens and braved the god-awful-humid-sticky-muggy-gross weather. Oh yes, there was ample sweat involved, but the results are fantastic. I think they’re my final set for the gallery/boutique show, which means (again) you have to wait to see them. I break your heart time and time again, dear Internets, I know this. Bear with me.


  1. Congratulations on the wedding. Those ar great pictures. You look so happy.!!!! I’ve been married 21 years and still get tingly thinking about the wedding. It’s so fun.

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