we are all handmade

we are all handmade
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I’ve decided that if I can’t photograph an idea for the time being, I can at least make an attempt to doodle it, so this is a photo-idea-turned-doodle. Eventually I’d love to make it into a photograph, provided I can find an antique sewing machine that won’t break the bank. That’s one of the many things on my “random photography props” wish list, right up there with finding a beautiful abandoned home in the middle of the woods that a) won’t cave in on me mid-shoot and b) doesn’t mind if I trespass a bit.

My last photography professor insisted that we sketch our photo ideas out in a notebook before we attempted photographs, but there is no such thing as a “sketch” to a perfectionist. If I can’t illustrate the concept in detail, I’d rather not bother. That’s why I use a camera, after all!

The one thing I can draw to my satisfaction are cartoons. Realism evades me, but if you need a goofy, bug-eyed chicken with stick legs and a fat head, I’m there.

So here are these two girls who got a little carried away in their crafting one day, and you’d do well not to mention it, but yes, their heads might be a little fat. At least they’re a far cry from chickens.


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