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Etsy Poster Contest Submission
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Tim, on my (lack of) height.

Tim: “Yay, we’re homeowners! Congrats, honey – now we’re up to our necks in debt! Oh, wait: I’m up to my neck in debt… you’re up to your forehead.”

Me, on parenting.

Tim: “You know, you’re really going to have to give up the guilt trip stuff if we have kids.”

Me: “Pfffft. If we have kids, I will pass on the guilt like it’s an Olympic torch. That’s what parents do.”

So… yay! We bought a house today! The entire process went much more smoothly than I’d expected, and I’m really glad we decided to do this. But not to fear: the actual move doesn’t start until mid-August, so I still have plenty of time to worry myself into a coma!

Your visual for the evening is my submission to the Etsy Treasury Poster Challlenge. Speaking of which, the sale’s still on at my Etsy shop! Purchase a print and call it a housewarming present. 😉


  1. Exciting news! Welcome to your new home…I hope the transition is smooth!

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