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I spent a few evenings this week working on a new design for It used to be that I’d change Web site layouts “as often as I changed underwear” (according to a former college classmate), but now that I do Web development for a living, the magic is mostly gone. However, once in a while I still enjoy sitting down with Photoshop and Dreamweaver and giving the site a makeover. Or I get sick of looking at whatever I’ve had up there for the last few months and bang something out out of disgust… whichever comes first!

Thankfully, this was a case of the former. This is actually my first foray into building a layout that is almost entirely based in CSS, as opposed to straight HTML. I’d been stuck in the Web design dark ages and figured it was time for a change. Dreamweaver CS3 made the conversion easier. I will never be able to remember all the six-billion different style properties you can apply to a single block of text – just give me drop-down menus with all my options, please.

To give credit where credit is due, the title font I used is “Chelsea’s Handwriting” from, and the color palette is a tweaked version of “i like to read” by legs at my favoritest design site ever, I’m not color blind, but I’m a bit color stupid… colourlovers helps with that problem.

Oh! And you may notice some new work in this year’s portfolio – that’s not a fluke, I swear! There are three shots from some through-the-viewfinder experiments with the lovely Hannah, taken at the same time as the teapot stalker shot. I’m definitely going to use that technique more in the future.

Speaking of which, I had a lovely photo shoot with my friend Kathe and her hubby Dan last weekend. They asked me to take some portraits of them together, so they’d have something for family and friends. I’m not usually very good with these things, but they were so comfortable and natural in front of the camera that they made it really easy. I forgot to ask permission to post one or two of their photos in the blog, though.

And finally, we’re closing on the new place next Tuesday. Wish us luck!

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