free stuff!

It is entirely unlike to me to win contests of any sort, which is why I was so pleased when I got an e-mail from one of the staff at, saying I’d won a Wine Excursion Backpack Gift Basket for participating in their entertaining contest last week.

Squee! Double squee!

Never mind that the S.O. and I know nothing about wine, nor do we drink it – who cares? I won something! YAY!

And while I’m on the subject of free stuff, Moo is giving away 1000 packs of 10 minicards each to Voxers who are quick on the draw. I’ve already snagged my 10-pack – it contains my most recent flower photos. I may have to pick up one of these handmade Moo carrying cases from Etsy seller splatgirl to go along with ’em!

Other items on my “I will buy this next month because we won’t have to pay the gas company or the bank because of my leet bookkeeping skillz” wish list:

  • Sticker-maker! Stickersstickersstickers! I was sticker-obsessed in my youth, and the thought of making my own stickers fills me with unimaginable joy.
  • A through-the-lens camera, like an Argoflex or a Duaflex, so I can play around with some through-the-viewfinder techniques. I have a Brownie Hawkeye that I picked up from the local Salvation Army, but it’s in sorry shape.

Also: The underside of my caramel rice cake looks like brains. That is all!

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