from one troll to another

Ahhhh. Today is the kind of day where I can’t find a single thing to complain about.

No, really.


OK, I suppose I could complain about the lack of being able to complain about something, but that’s it! I swear!

Over the last week I’ve written several blog entries, but I think I will keep them to myself. They’re overly long and probably not as funny to you, dear Internets, as they are to me. Sooo….

What is Caro thinking right now? aka abi tagged me, so ten items this round!

  • My office looks like, and I quote, “a troll’s cave” according to one campus VIP. I’ve been charged with putting more of myself into it, but I don’t know how to do that without bringing in a pillow and blanket and sleeping there. Tips on office decor are much appreciated!
  • The S.O. and I spent last weekend watching a lot of movies about death, death, and more death, thanks to a mix-up with our cable company and my infallible* bookkeeping skills (read: I paid two of our bills twice, but forgot to pay the cable company – hence, it was a movie rental weekend). Said movies were quite good, but very death-y.
  • Ooh! I’ve found something to complain about! It’s a beautiful day outside, but I can’t open my office window because the constant drone of weed whackers/lawn mowers/other landscape beautification devices will drive me insane. It’s a short trip.
  • Also, the toilet paper in the bathroom? Way too flimsy. Toilet paper should not dissolve entirely on contact with wet skin. University, please take note: What money you save on cheap toilet paper will be swiftly used for the extra soap and paper towels I need to get the pee off my hands.
  • While I’m at it, why do people feel it necessary to turn on the lights in the bathroom, where there is a big window and plenty of natural light? Is it entirely necessary to see yourself pee in such well-lit detail? Do you really need to examine every minutia* of dirt on the bathroom floor? Energy conservation, people! Let’s all pee in the semi-dark and save a tree/whale/rain forest/your-choice-of-endangered-species-goes-here.
  • A week ago, I canceled my Warcrack account. Today, I un-canceled it. Normally I’m not this indecisive. Or maybe I am. I don’t know – I can’t decide!
  • I want a button making machine. All the cool kids have them. Hmmph.
  • I’m sticking this one at the bottom in hopes that people won’t read this far. Hah. May’s photo shoot is a no-go. I have no excuse, dear Internets. The only thing I can offer are these jaunty flower photos. The good news is, I have a shoot scheduled for early June!
  • … I got nothin’.
  • *I had to look infallible up, to make sure I was using it correctly. I was. Also, minutia** to make sure I was spelling it correctly. I wasn’t.
  • ** Now used correctly! Thanks Jack!


  1. Well, you’re spelling “minutiae” correctly, but using it wrong: the (very rarely used) singular form is “minutia.” “Minutiae” is plural. “A” for effort, tho. 😀

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