It’s about that time again. Here are two Etsians I’ve had really great shopping experiences with recently!

WoodcraftsAndCandles – wood crafts and (you guessed it) candles
I freely admit that I have little in the way of decorating sense. How do I compensate? Candles. Lots and lots of candles. If my house doesn’t look polished and put together, at least it smells good enough to eat. So when I found WoodcraftsAndCandles’ shop, I knew I was in trouble. Thankfully, Mother’s Day gave me an excuse to spend money, and I purchased these margarita candles for my mum. Of course, before they made their way to her hands, I snuck a whiff for myself… and I almost didn’t give them to her! Hah! But I did, and she loves them, and it’s only a matter of time before I go back and fill my home with more luscious scents.

donnapool – buttons, magnets, and puzzles
Donna Pool’s shop is proof that keeping a blog can help your sales. I first found these vintage camera buttons via Donna’s blog at Vox and they’re the perfect accessory for a photo geek like yours truly. My set even has my favorite film SLR – a Pentax K1000. I opted to have them made into super strong magnets to decorate my fridge. Donna also makes these unique plush puzzle balls, which are great for kids, or for those of us who are kids at heart!

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