stitch approves of this meme

So I’ve been tagged TWICE, and I take that to mean I’d better do this meme or some greater entity will smite me from above.

The idea as I understand it is to post 7 facts about yourself, and then tag 7 others to do the same thing. It’s like a plague, except on the Internet, and hopefully with less death!

7 things about me that you may or may not know, and I make no promises as to whether or not you will care to know what I know. Know that:

  1. I find meme’s like this one really hard to do. I mean, how I can I sum up the entirety of my being in just 7 facts, without sounding conceited (let’s face it, that’s just impossible) or trite? One fact always ends up being more profound than the other facts, which causes unrest. Then five of the facts form a union because they feel they were misrepresented, and the whole thing goes to pot. This meme stuff is serious business! Oh, the anxiety!
  2. I named my cats after Disney characters because there is only so much creativity in me, and I figured I should save it for photography. Stitch doesn’t care (she only cares about The State of the Food Dish) but Nala disapproves. Apparently she didn’t like The Lion King.
  3. I have a giant head. Okay, no, not really, but doesn’t it look that way? Rarrr! Giant head! Rarrr!
  4. There is only a small chance I’ll actually finish this meme in the next half hour. I actually started this meme once, but scrapped it after about, oh, number 4. Hey! That’s where I am right now. Commence Meme Failure Countdown in 5… 4… 3….
  5. Hey look, number 5! I am not a very style-conscious or fashion-conscious person. At all. I spent the majority of my youth in sweatpants and/or jeans, no make-up, and not quite sure which end of the hair dryer was the blowy end. In high school, my friends staged something akin to an intervention when they pinned me down and plucked my eyebrows for me… it certainly makes one question the nature of said friendships, but I digress. Stacey and Clinton would probably have a ball torturing me over my lack of dress-finesse, and sometimes I think I would give them the opportunity, because at this point I’m just flailing in the dark.
  6. When I was a younger, I aspired to be a veterinarian, a country singer, a psychologist, and a sex therapist. Not all at once, of course, though doing so might have earned me a spot in the yearbook as Most Likely to Drive Oneself Crazy With Bad Music Whilst Humping a Sheep.
  7. I love sarcasm. Love it, love it. And I’m not being sarcastic. No, really, I’m not!

I’m done, haha, heehee, hoho! I would tag some people, but I’m worn out, and it’s almost time to eat pizza. Pizza > tagging people. So, hey, you. Yeah, you! Consider yourself tagged!


  1. yay, i’m glad you played! i had to look up the word ‘meme’ one day last week. it had theretofore not made it into my lexicon.

  2. Stitch is such a cute puddy cat. I love scarcasm too. My BF is British & he doesn’t get it at ALL. ho hummsaw your post on the etsy forums today.

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