if you were a business card, where would you be?

Hurrah, they’re here! This is a selection of the minicards I ordered from moo. I have to give them kudos for the sleek look, the unique design, and the swift service!

Now, the big question is – what do I do with them? I’m not so adept at finding appropriate opportunities to pass out promotional materials without sounding too salesy. I hate being salesy. I need to brainstorm on this one.

Where/how do you hand out your business cards?

On an unrelated topic, the S.O. finally joined the 21st century and bought a new digital camera. It’s tiny and cute and makes my digital SLR look sad and outdated. I see it as extra motivation for me to take more photos and sell more prints so I can upgrade my current equipment!


  1. I bet Moo cards with your images are so cool. I keep some biz cards ready to hand out in my purse, but mostly I send them out in my orders from eBay and Etsy. I was part of a card swap from Flickr, so hopefully my cards are going out with other peoples orders too. I send out 2 or 3 other peoples cards with my orders in exchange.BTW, I tagged you!!! Please stop by my blog at http://dashery.blogspot.com for more info. Thanks!

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