an introduction

Hey look! The S.O. has a Web site!

Go visit him here:

I realize I haven’t formally introduced the S.O. to the general blogosphere. Now is probably a good time, seeing as he’s doing the bloggy thing, too!

Meet Tim. He’s an Aries, a fellow geek, an aspiring creative writer, the subject of many a photo of mine, and a sweet and talented guy all around. It goes without saying that he is one of my favorite people. And he really doesn’t mind that I talk so much, which is good, because I like to talk. A lot.

Next Saturday, we will celebrate our 7th anniversary by, uhh, going to my brother’s graduation ceremony. The romance! It kills me!

But surely after that there will be a nice dinner, and maybe other intimate endeavors, and I will take a moment to remind myself that I have a partner to lean on when life is rough, and a friend to laugh with when life is good.

And we are lucky.

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