oh, dilemma

So, I’ve rediscovered Blogger.

One of the things I really like about it is the ability to customize my sidebars and have complete control over colors, fonts, layout, scripts, etc.  It goes without saying that I’m a control freak, and I find the overall look is much cleaner than Vox.  Vox used to be clean, but now it’s cluttered.

The only thing that’s missing at Blogger is… you!

I really enjoy the social networking aspect of Vox.  There are groups to join, tags to explore, new people to meet.  Vox also affords me more privacy than Blogger, which is important, because sometimes I get a little, err, personal.  Y’know.

So for now, I’ll probably cross-post Etsy- and photography-related entries to both Blogger and Vox, and keep the more personal stuff here.  It’s a messy solution, but until I can automatically feed posts to Vox from Blogger, it’s all I got!

UPDATE:  Apparently you CAN automatically feed posts to Vox from Blogger, using the Mobile Blogging settings in Vox.  This is good to know.  Pardon the ridiculous number of test posts that will ensue.

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