it’s not all about me (me, me, me!)

So instead of talking about myself for once, I’d like to talk about someone else! Specifically, three someone-elses – three sellers from Etsy, all of whom I’ve had great experiences with.

sarahridgley – letterpress cards and coasters
I found Sarah Ridgley’s shop just as she was waiting for her 100th heart. It’s entirely unlike me to stumble into such good fortune (and if the “supreme being” has a sense of humor, I’ll probably be hit by a bus soon) but there you have it. As a “thank you” for being her 100th, she sent me a beautiful card (complete with a stamp, which is good, because I never remember to buy them) and a monogrammed letterpress coaster. Now I have my eye on the Notes from an Outlaw set. That way, if I am run over, the S.O. will have a hip and stylish way to let everyone know!

youstinksoap – vegan soaps, fragrance bars, and lip balms
Have I mentioned that I’m a lip balm junkie? I am. Especially if said lip balm tastes like calories. Mmmmmm, calories. Thankfully the lip balm sampler set I bought has no calories, only a light, sweet flavor, while my lips are left feeling soft and smooth. Now my only problem is deciding on a favorite. If I had to choose just one, I think I’d pick Key Lime Cheesecake… no, wait, Coconut Lemongrass… or, wait, maybe Raspberries and Creme? Eurgh… nevermind. Just buy one of each, and you’ll have a desert buffet for your lips.

theblackapple – illustration and other things
I don’t think there’s a single person on Etsy who doesn’t already know of theblackapple, but that’s no surprise, because her work is worth a look – or six! It’s cute, but with an edge of creepy. I like cute, but I really like cute-creepy. I chose the “Branch Bed” print because the colors are eerily similar, if not identical, to those in our bedroom. Yes, there is a lot of pink in our bedroom, and no, the S.O. doesn’t have much say in the matter, but even he could not deny that Emily’s work is top notch.

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