items of disinterest

Item: Business is booming at the Etsy shop. And by “booming,” I mean I’ve made more than one sale in the month since I opened! I am pleased, especially since I opened the shop on a whim, not actually believing that people might, you know, buy stuff. I’ve even gone so far as to order some custom business cards, in hopes that I can continue to spread the word.

Item: This weekend was April’s photo shoot weekend. Unfortunately, I have little to offer you in the way of proof of said photo shoot, because the results may or may not be part of a gallery/boutique opening in October. The best I can do is this test shot in the ever-popular “bloody egg” motif. The rest of the series has absolutely nothing to do with cheap fake blood, so don’t think I’m giving anything away. I shot this solely to prove that I did pick up a camera this month!

If the photos aren’t accepted, you will see them soon. If they are, you can congratulate me, and I will debut the series on my Web site in October. Ooh, secrets!

What I can do is talk a little bit about the shoot itself. I didn’t arrange anything with any of the girls (aka the models) this month, because it’s getting very close to finals time, and everyone is scrambling to finish the semester, and I’m feeling a wee bit antisocial (what else is new?). As a result, April was “Still Life Month,” which meant two whole days of fighting with my studio lights and bending/kneeling over my not-so-ergonomically-correct studio setup. It’s not ergonomically correct because it’s an overturned laundry basket covered with a white sheet. Makeshift what? And why is my back throbbing? Oh, right.

I really love the new photos, despite the back strain, so you’ll have to trust me when I say it kills me to keep them from you, dear Internets! It really does! I’m already itching to upload them to my new flickr account. Bear with me, please.

Item: It’s 80 degrees outside. 80 degrees! How do we go from snow, ice, and rain to 80 degrees in the span of a week? We live in Maine, that’s how. Not that I’m complaining… it just seems wrong to be enjoying 80-degree weather when the trees haven’t even shown buds, and the grass is still an unpleasant greenish-brown baby poo color.

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