alphabet soup

I spent most of the weekend working on this: A digitally illustrated alphabet poster. I may not have leet illustration skills, but I can draw cartoons well enough (my specialty used to be cartoon chickens – fear the talent) and I thought it might be fun to do a version of the ABC’s and print it as a poster. It may not be a work of Art with a capital A, but I think it’s cute.

All this stems from the fact that I’ve been thinking I should try a creative pastime that doesn’t involve so much waiting… one of the pitfalls of having somewhat elaborate and wacky photographic ideas is that they often require a good deal of preparation and planning before I see results, sometimes so much that I lose interest in the idea before I’ve had a chance to pick up the camera. Let no one accuse me of having a long attention span. Digital illustration is something I can play with in the in-between, thereby satisfying my need to create on a more flexible basis. I may even have to take a drawing class soon, and see if my hand-eye coordination is really as bad as I think!

And yes, I put it up at etsy.

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