more beer nuts, please

hide and seek
Ever-familiar with today’s “screenshots or it didn’t happen,” mentality, I present to you photos from yesterday’s shoot with Naomi.

We had a fun time walking around campus and looking for creepy light sources.  The whole concept was a last-minute, pull-‘er-outta-my-ass ordeal, and I think it goes to show that while my ass may not smell like roses, it can produce some interesting stuff!  The S.O. can attest that some of that interesting stuff has done a number on our plumbing… but I digress.

The idea that sparked the theme of this shoot was “running away from home”, a throwback to my younger days, when I, in a seven-year-old’s short-lived fit of rage, would stuff my pack with my favorite worldly possessions (a small packet of Beer Nuts, a sample bottle of Pert Shampoo, my blankie, and a jump rope I’d made out of fabric scraps) and sternly announce to my parents that I was leaving and never coming back.  I would then proceed to stomp around at the edge of the yard, daring myself to go further into the woods than I was allowed, and periodically looking over my shoulder at the house to make sure my parents knew I was totally serious, damnit.

Well, I never made it very far, but maybe this girl did.  And she didn’t bring any Beer Nuts.

It’s funny to think how odd we must have looked, wandering around the campus, occasionally dumping stuff on the ground… me, swearing at my camera and pretending to be all professional-like by directing Naomi, She Who Does Not Need Direction Because Obviously She Can Read Minds.  Seriously, she always knows exactly what I want from a shot two seconds before I do.  “Hey can you maybe… oh!  There!  Just like that.”  And she probably knew I was going to write that.

It was a great deal of fun, and I’m so happy that we got to work together again.  Thank you, Naomi!  Two down, four to go!

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